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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Timeshare Divorce?

A: Timeshare Divorce is service company that allows timeshare owners to legally separate themselves from their timeshare obligations. We remove all of the burdens associated with owning timeshare. Timeshare Divorce will not only take the timeshare off your hands, you will no longer have any maintenance fees, property taxes and special assessments assigned to your timeshare after the date of transfer. Once your timeshare is transferred out of your name and into ours, you will never see another maintenance bill, special assessment notice or tax statement for your timeshare. You will be legally divorced from your timeshare!

Q: Whom does Timeshare Divorce help?

A: Timeshare Divorce provides a service for individuals who: no longer use their timeshare, rarely use their timeshare, do not want the timeshare they inherited, have kids who do not want to inherit the timeshare, bought their timeshare with a spouse and are now widowed or divorced, cannot find a buyer for their timeshare, are tired of paying maintenance fees, are tired of unexpected bills, are just plain tired of spending way more money than you need to for a simple vacation! If you do not want your timeshare anymore, for whatever reason, Timeshare Divorce will separate you from your timeshare permanently and legally!

Q: What if I have existing maintenance fees, tax fees and/or a mortgage on my timeshare?

A: It is required that all payments be up to date before the transfer can take place. If you have maintenance fees or taxes due and/or an outstanding mortgage, those fees must be paid in full before we can legally transfer the timeshare out of your name and into ours. However, once the timeshare is transferred, you are no longer responsible for any future maintenance fees, taxes, or special assessments.

Q: What if I have reservations for this year and next year?

A: No problem. You will, however, be responsible for payment of any and all maintenance fees, taxes and assessments billed for those weeks/points within your reservation year.

Q: Does Timeshare Divorce take care of the timeshare transfer?

A: Timeshare Divorce works with a licensed, bonded, and insured title company that specializes in timeshare transfers throughout the country and right to use properties elsewhere. They will handle and coordinate the process from start to finish.

Q: Am I responsible for notifying the resort that I am no longer the owner?

A: Absolutely not! This is a part of our service to you. Once the new deed is recorded, all information and documents will be forwarded to both you and the resort. Furthermore, any transfer fees due to the resort will be taken care of at this time, as well. As a client of Timeshare Divorce, your transfer will be taken care of by a licensed, bonded and insured title company that specializes in timeshare transfers.

Q: Is my timeshare valuable?

A: Your timeshare is only valuable to you if you use it. There are few timeshares that retain their original value on the resale market. Most timeshares are practically impossible to sell on the resale market, regardless of the sale price, simply because the cost to maintain a timeshare is so great.

Q: How long will this whole process take?

A: Once you have decided to “divorce” yourself from your timeshare, the process begins. We will put you in contact with a licensed, bonded, and insured title agency that will walk you through the process from start to finish. A new deed conveying ownership to Timeshare Divorce will be prepared and sent to you for signature within 3 days. The new deed will then go in for recording in the county in which the timeshare is located. This process can take from 2 weeks to 8 weeks depending upon location. The recorded deed is then sent to the resort to complete the transfer. You are then officially “divorced” from your timeshare!

Q: Where do I begin?

A: Simply fill out the information request form on our website’s homepage and a representative will contact you immediately, or call 866-760-8032 and speak directly with one of our company’s representatives. You have nothing to lose but escalating maintenance fees and special assessments.